Bauer Pottery is a quintessential collectors item. They called on Furryteeth because their online store was expanding to add exclusive new lines by Bauer, Sunset and Russell Wright, and they wanted three distinct stores to showcase them. Beyond this, the existing site had issues. The site architecture took shoppers down dead ends, requiring one to hit the back button repeatedly, and navigation was mostly non-existent. And the outlined images were too small to show off each piece’s details.

Also, their website was powered by a Yahoo! Stores e-commerce engine, so the new design had to integrate Yahoo!’s existing shopping-cart process. Furryteeth improved the navigation and browsing experience by redesigning the site architecture. We added subcategories to eliminate dead ends. This allowed users to see where they were in the site. We also used larger product images and put them in a lifestyle setting, which added visual impact and helped distinguish the pottery lines.